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Name J.K. Simmons
MOODb ID 0277496
IMDb ID 0799777

 Actor - filmography: J.K. Simmons




2018 The Front Runner Bill Dixon
2017 Justice League Commissioner Gordon
2017 The Snowman Arve Stop
2016 La La Land Bill
2016 The Accountant Ray King
2015 Kung Fu Panda 3 Kai (voice)
2015 Terminator Genisys O'Brien
2015 The Meddler Zipper
2014 Whiplash Fletcher
2013 3 Geezers! J Kimball
2013 Jobs Arthur Rock
2013 Labor Day Mr. Jervis
2012 The Words Mr. Jansen
2011 The Music Never Stopped Henry Sawyer
2009 Extract Brian
2009 The Vicious Kind Donald Sinclaire
2007 Rendition Lee Mayer
2007 Spider-Man 3 J. Jonah Jameson
2004 Hidalgo Buffalo Bill Cody
2004 Spider-Man 2 J. Jonah Jameson
2004 The Ladykillers Garth Pancake
2002 Spider-Man J. Jonah Jameson
2000 The Gift Sheriff Pearl Johnson

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