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Name Mackenzie Astin
MOODb ID 0032515
IMDb ID 0040015

 Actor - filmography: Mackenzie Astin




2007 The Final Season Chip Dolan
2006 In From The Night Rob Miller
2006 Military Intelligence and You! Major Mitch Dunning
2004 Love's Enduring Promise Grant Thomas
2003 How to Deal Lewis Warsher
2003 Two Days
1999 The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human The Male (Billy)
1996 Dream for an Insomniac David Shrader
1996 In Love and War Henry Villard
1994 Iron Will Will Stoneman
1987 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Dodger
1985 I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later T.J. Nelson




2018 The Magicians - Season 3 Richard Corrigan/Reynard the Fox
2017 The Magicians - Season 2 Richard Corrigan/Reynard the Fox
2016 The Magicians - Season 1 Richard Corrigan/Reynard the Fox
2005 House M.D. - Season 2 Alan
2005 Lost - Season 1 - Episode 22 Tom Brennan
2003 Without a Trace - Season 1 - Episode 15 Charles Beckworth

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