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Name Gerry Becker
MOODb ID 0006644
IMDb ID 0065418

 Actor - filmography: Gerry Becker




2007 Perfect Stranger Jon Kirshenbaum
2002 Blood Work Mr. Toliver
2002 Path to War Walt Rostow
2002 Spider-Man Maximilian Fargas
2002 Trapped Dr. Stein
2000 The Cell Dr. Cooperman
1999 Man on the Moon Stanley Kaufman
1999 Mickey Blue Eyes FBI Agent Bob Connell
1999 The Hunley
1998 Happiness Psychiatrist
1997 Asteroid Dr. Charles Napier
1997 Donnie Brasco Dean Blandford
1996 Eraser Morehart
1996 Extreme Measures Dr. Gene Spitelli
1995 Die Hard: With a Vengeance Larry Griffith
1993 Rudy Father Ted




2007 Medium - Season 3 - Episode 16 Marcus Canty
2007 Medium - Season 3 - Episode 19 Marcus Canty
2007 Medium - Season 3 - Episode 21 Marcus Canty
2007 Medium - Season 3 - Episode 22 Marcus Canty
2003 Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Season 1 - Episode 1 Secret Service Agent William Baer
2002 Charmed - Season 5 - Episode 5 Ramus
1995 Law & Order - Season 5 - Episode 22 Dr. Neal Latham

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