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Name Linus Roache
MOODb ID 0004841
IMDb ID 0730070

 Actor - filmography: Linus Roache




2018 Mandy Jeremiah Sand
2014 Non-Stop David McMillan
2007 Before the Rains Henry Moores
2006 Find Me Guilty Sean Kierney
2006 Kidnapped Andy Archer
2006 The Namesake Mr. Lawson
2006 The Ten Commandments Aaron
2005 Batman Begins Thomas Wayne
2005 Twelve and Holding Jim Carges
2004 The Chronicles of Riddick Purifier
2004 The Forgotten A Friendly Man
2003 Beyond Borders Henry Bauford
2003 Blind Flight
2002 Hart's War Capt. Peter A. Ross
2002 The Gathering Storm Ralph Wigram
2000 Pandaemonium Samuel Coleridge
1999 Siam Sunset Perry
1997 The Wings of the Dove Merton Densher
1994 Priest Father Greg Pilkington




2014 Vikings - Season 2 King Ecbert of Wessex

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