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Name Cillian Murphy
MOODb ID 0001433
IMDb ID 0614165

 Actor - filmography: Cillian Murphy




2016 Anthropoid Josef Gabck
2016 Free Fire Chris
2015 In the Heart of the Sea Matthew Joy
2014 Aloft Ivan
2014 Transcendence Agent Buchanan
2012 Red Lights Tom Buckley
2012 The Dark Knight Rises Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
2011 In Time Raymond Leon
2011 Retreat Martin
2010 Inception Robert Fischer
2008 The Dark Knight Jonathan Crane
2007 Sunshine Capa
2007 Watching the Detectives Neil
2006 The Wind That Shakes the Barley Damien O'Donovan
2005 Batman Begins Dr. Jonathan Crane
2005 Breakfast on Pluto Patrick (Patricia) 'Kitten' Braden
2005 Red Eye Jackson Rippner
2003 Cold Mountain Bardolph
2003 Girl with a Pearl Earring Pieter
2003 Intermission John
2002 28 Days Later... Jim
2001 How Harry Became a Tree Gus
2001 On the Edge Jonathan Breech
2001 The Way We Live Now Paul Montague
1999 The Trench Rag Rookwood

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