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Name Tomas Arana
MOODb ID 0000474
IMDb ID 0032962

 Actor - filmography: Tomas Arana




2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Kree Ambassador
2014 The Possession of Michael King Augustine
2013 Romeo and Juliet Lord Montague
2012 The Dark Knight Rises Wayne's Lawyer
2011 Limitless Man In Tan Coat
2011 The Roommate Jeff Evans
2008 Defiance Ben Zion Gulkowitz
2007 Bats: Human Harvest Doctor
2006 Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders Angelo Buono
2004 Frankenfish Jeff
2004 The Bourne Supremacy Martin Marshall
2003 This Girl's Life Aronson
2002 Derailed Mason Cole
2002 Private Property Nigel
2001 Pearl Harbor Vice-Adm. Frank J. 'Jack' Fletcher
2000 Gladiator Quintus
1999 Madonna: The Video Collection 93:99 Stranger (segment "Bad Girl")
1993 Tombstone Frank Stillwell
1992 The Bodyguard Greg Portman
1991 Body Puzzle Michael
1991 La Setta Damon
1989 La Chiesa Evan




2006 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 7 Joseph Diamond
2005 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 6 - Episode 4 Joseph Diamond
2003 CSI: Miami - Season 1 - Episode 16 Mr. Davis
2002 Without a Trace - Season 1 - Episode 10 Chuck
2001 ER - Season 7 - Episode 20 State's Attorney Rifkin
1997 The Hunger - Season 1 - Episode 10 Rick

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