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Name David Schofield
MOODb ID 0000472
IMDb ID 0774516

 Actor - filmography: David Schofield




2017 Darkest Hour Clement Atlee
2016 Mindhorn Chief Inspector Derek Newsome
2013 Last Passenger Peter Carmichael
2013 Lord of Tears Voice Of Owlman - Moloch
2011 Super Tanker Admiral
2010 The Wolfman Constable Nye
2008 Valkyrie Erwin von Witzleben
2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Mercer
2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Mercer
2006 The Curse of King Tut's Tomb Harry Axelrod
2004 Unstoppable Dr. Collins
2003 The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie Sonny
2002 The Forsyte Saga Polteed
2002 Ultimate Fights from the Movies
2001 From Hell McQueen
2001 Superstition Roberto Fallaci
2001 The Musketeer Rochefort, Richelieu Henchman
2000 Gladiator Falco
1999 Joan of Arc Cladsdale
1998 "Our Mutual Friend" Gaffer Hexam
1997 Anna Karenina Nikolai
1990 Jekyll & Hyde Snape
1981 An American Werewolf in London Dart Player




2015 Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 5 Odin
2014 Da Vinci's Demons - Season 2 Piero da Vinci
2013 Da Vinci's Demons - Season 1 Piero da Vinci
1999 Cleopatra Casca
1999 Cleopatra: Episode 01 Casca
1999 Cleopatra: Episode 02 Casca

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