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Fringe - Season 4

Fringe - Season 4

This TV-series is
in 5 movie
TV-series title Fringe - Season 4
MOODb ID 0064774
IMDb ID 1119644

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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Known UPC-codes
8392922187, 883929290949

Created by
Created by
Created by
Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
J. J. Abrams
Tamara Zint
Tamara Isaac
Athena Wickham
Tanya Swerling
Production year
Running time

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Episode 1: Neither Here Nor There
Episode 2: One Night in October
Episode 3: Alone in the World
Episode 4: Subject 9
Episode 5: Novation
Episode 6: And Those We Left Behind
Episode 7: Wallflower
Episode 8: Back to Where You've Never Been
Episode 9: Enemy of My Enemy
Episode 10: Forced Perspective
Episode 11: Making Angels
Episode 12: Welcome to Westfield
Episode 13: A Better Human Being
Episode 14: The End of All Things
Episode 15: A Short Story About Love
Episode 16: Nothing as It Seems
Episode 17: Everything in Its Right Place
Episode 18: The Consultant
Episode 19: Letters of Transit
Episode 20: Worlds Apart
Episode 21: Brave New World (Part 1)
Episode 22: Brave New World (Part 2)



John Noble
Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick
Phillip Broyles
Seth Gabel
Lincoln Lee
Blair Brown
Nina Sharp
Joshua Jackson
Peter Bishop
Anna Torv
Olivia Dunham
Jasika Nicole
Astrid Farnsworth

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