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Don't Go in the Woods

This movie is
in 2 movie
Movie title Don't Go in the Woods
MOODb ID 0075875
IMDb ID 0182996
Не ходите в лес.. о (Russia)
Ausflug in das Grauen (Germany)
Don't Go in the Woods... Alone! (USA)
Le tueur de la fort (France)
No Vs Floresta... Sozinha! (Portugal)
Nemoj ići u umu (Serbia)
Nie chodz do lasu (Poland)
No vayas al bosque... sola (Spain)
Perigo na Floresta (Brazil)
The Forest 2 (Australia)


Known UPC-codes

Suzette Gomez
Roberto Gomez
Garth Eliassen
Garth Eliassen
James Bryan
Production year
Running time

Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest way to die.



Garth Eliassen
On The Trail - Cop At The Lake
Jack McClelland
Mary Gail Artz
James P. Hayden
Angie Brown
Ken Carter
David Barth
Deputy Benson
Larry Roupe
Store Owner
Amy Martell
Artist's Child
Tom Drury
Laura Trefts
Dr. Maggie
Alma Ramos
Victim - Running Girl
Carolyn Braza
Victim - Cherry
Frank Clitus Muller
Victim - Dick
McCormick Dalten
Victim - Bird Watcher
Cecelia Fannon
Victim - Lady Artist
Dale Angell
Victim - Tourist At Falls
Ruth Grose
Victim - Tourist's Mother
Hank Zinman
Victim - Fisherman
Leon Brown Jr.
Victim - Camper In Sleeping Bag
Linda Brown
Victim - Camper In Sleeping Bag
Gerry Klein
Victim - Man In Wheelchair
Tom Ruff
Victim - Man In Tree
Valetta Saunders
Police Department - Dispatcher
John Williams
Police Department - Cop # 1
Jeff Wood
Police Department - Cop # 2
Randy Kleffer
Police Department - Cop # 3 / Posse Member
Jarne Harbrecht
Police Department - Detective
Ann St. Michael
Police Department - Jail Trustee
Bonnie Harris
On The Trail - Skater
Matt Noone
On The Trail - Man On Trail
Matt Muller
On The Trail - Pilot
Susan Farris
On The Trail - Cop At The Falls
T. Ruff
On The Trail - Boy At The Falls
Bill Stockdale
On The Trail - Photographer
Ebin Whiting
On The Trail - Angry Posse Member
Brad Carter
On The Trail - Tired Posse Member
Jeffery Wood
Posse Member
Mark Prager
Posse Member
Randy Prager
Posse Member
Randy Iverson
Posse Member
Michael Smith
Posse Member
Eben Whitney
Posse Member
David Wiggins
Posse Member
John Warren
Posse Member
Paul Thorpe
Posse Member
Joan Forester
Hospital - Hospital Receptionist
Pam Srubaugh-Littig
Hospital - Head Nurse
Tawnya Crespin
Hospital - Girl In Wheelchair
Pat J. Winn
Hospital - Intern
Franky Crespin
Hospital - Nurse
Amy Oliphant
Hospital - Candy Striper
Patrick Satterthwaite
Hospital - Doctor
Anne Marie Nagenga
Hospital - Personnel
Suzy Folsom
Hospital - Receptionist

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