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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

This movie is
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Movie title Fantastic Mr. Fox
MOODb ID 0049841
IMDb ID 0432283
Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Known UPC-codes

Wes Anderson
Production year
Running time

Dig the life fantastic



Owen Wilson
Coach Skip (voice)
Michael Gambon
Franklin Bean (voice)
Bill Murray
Badger (voice)
George Clooney
Mr. Fox (voice)
Willem Dafoe
Rat (voice)
Wes Anderson
Weasel (voice)
Meryl Streep
Mrs. Fox (voice)
Helen McCrory
Mrs. Bean (voice)
Jason Schwartzman
Ash (voice)
Wallace Wolodarsky
Kylie (voice) (as Wally Wolodarsky)
Eric Chase Anderson
Kristofferson (voice) (as Eric Anderson)
Jarvis Cocker
Petey (voice)
Karen Duffy
Linda Otter (voice)
Robin Hurlstone
Walter Boggis (voice)
Hugo Guinness
Nathan Bunce (voice)

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