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Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America

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Movie title Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America
MOODb ID 0022709
IMDb ID 0800026
Фатален контакт: (Bulgaria)
Bâdo inferuno - Shichôkin (Japan)
Fatal Contact (Australia)
Fatal contact - Il contagio viene dal cielo (Italy)
Fonikos ios (Greece)
Gyilkos kór: Madárinfluenza Amerikában (Hungary)
Virus - Nouvelle menace (France)
Vírus Fatal (Portugal)
Virus mortal (Spain)

Drama, Thriller

Known UPC-codes
4339616588, 4339616590

Ron McGee
Richard Pearce
Dennis A. Brown
Production year
Running time

It began with one man.



Justina Machado
Alma Ansen
Joely Richardson
Dr. Iris Varnack
Latham Gaines
Kostmart Manager
Stacy Keach
Collin Reed
Ann Cusack
Denise Connelly
Scott Cohen
Governor Mike Newsome
David Ramsey
Curtis Ansen
Kate Butler
Chief Of Staff Loos
Costa Ronin
Russian Correspondent
Susan Brady
Female Governor
Carolyn Dando
Lauren Connelly
Kayte Ferguson
Tamara Jones
Brad Hills
Bart Jenkins
Geraline Knox
Sandra Ling
John Atkinson
Ed Connelly
Peter O'Brien
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Toby Connelly
Trevor Sai Louie
Dr. Kwon
Jonny Pasvolsky
Governor Newsome's Aide
Steve Bastoni
FEMA Director McGarrett
Jerome Ehlers
Chad Sinclair
Mark Tronson
Derek Newsome
Rebecca Hamilton
Sara Newsome
Robin Kora
Dying Woman's Husband
Judi Farr
Mrs. Koppel
Eliana Saenz
Armory Nurse
Shireen Shah
Shop Owner
Duncan Young
Suicide Man
Nicki Paull
HHS Sec's Aide
Mark Clare
Transportation Secretary
Alan Lovell
Male Governor
Paul Gittins
Government Worker
Lynette Romero
National News Correspondent
Nigel Godfrey
British Correspondent
Ferdinand Hoang
Chinese Executive # 1
Sandy Winton
Little League Father
Margaret Blay
Alma's Elderly Neighbor
Cameron Smith
War Room Staffer
Mia Pistorius
Harried Mother
Shane Rodrigo
Desperate / Reasonable Man
Joseph Woo
Chinese Executive # 2
Frankie Fu
Chinese Executive # 3
Justin Hansen
Dying Man

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